Advanced high-quality services including IPTV, (Ultra-) HDTV, Video-on-demand, hybrid broadcast broadband TV, or cloud services, demand for high bandwidth broadband access. Take-up rates of fibre-to-the-home (FttH) offers were fairly low at the time for the project start. A combination of fibre-to-the-basement and provides fibre-like data-rates at low ownership and provisioning costs (e.g., due to self-installation). Furthermore, the combination of unbundled local copper loops and partial fibre deployment leads to new market opportunities for network operators. As one example, mobile broadband deployments become denser and currently lack an affordable backhauling solution, a gap that is envisioned to fill. Moreover, gives operators an economical network-migration strategy towards FttH. Altogether boosts fibre deployment and broadband roll-out. The project aimed to advance Europe’s technological lead in this new broadband niche. HFCC/ project partners has actively supported the standardization process of under ITU, ETSI, and the Broadband Forum, thereby speeding up the availability of products on the market.

Results from HFCC/ partners include: the approval of the standard, the development of chipsets and associated network equipment. Results from numerous lab trials have already made a large impact on the business.