HFCC/G.fast: Hybrid Fibre-Copper connectivity using G.fast

The HFCC/G.fast was the second project under the EUREKA CELTIC cluster. It started in January 2013 and ended in December 2014. It was coordinated by Ericsson AB, Sweden and had 14 partners from 9 countries. At the EUREKA Innovation week in Stockholm in May 2016 the HFCC/G.fast project received the EUREKA Innovation Award in the category Competitiveness. Read more in the EUREKA Sucess story: Turning copper into GOLD.

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The HFCC/G.fast project was a direct successor of the 4GBB project that started in 2009. The project idea of HFCC/G.fast was to advance the emerging digital subscriber line (DSL) technology "G.fast" by innovations ranging from channel measurements and transceiver design to novel system architectures and use cases. All to push the standardization process as well as the broadband deployment in Europe.