The success of new concepts always depends on its acceptance in different communities. Starting from the academic and industrial view, followed by the economic and social or environmental angles, this consortium should demonstrate that the proposed 4GBB concept is feasible and interesting. Therefore, it is important task to disseminate projects results. Consequently, the 4GBB consortium has planned to disseminate and exploit its results on various levels: scientific publications, implementation of a public web site, organisation of tutorials, creation of an Ultimate DSL reference design, contribution to standards, and submission of patents.

The project partners are working on their respectively channels for dissemination. Therefore, there has been publications in academic journals and conferences, standardization contributions, and seminars arranged. Regarding publications the project partners have published:

  • 7 papers in peer reviewed journals,
  • 2 chapters in books,
  • 2 PhD Thesis,
  • 11 contributions in peer reviewed conference proceedings.

In standardisation related work there are representatives in the main bodies, i.e. ITU-T, BBF and ETSI, connected to the project. In all three there has been active contributions connected to the scope of the project. As a result the operators of BBF (SPAC) is writing a white paper in the subject, where Les Humphrey (BT) is the main editor. This has been communicated to ITU-T where the interest has been growing with several contributions, also from outside the 4GBB project. At the ITU-T meeting in Geneva, Feb 14-25, Question 4 agreed to start the work for a new recommendation called "" which is strongly influenced by the scope of the 4GBB project.

  • 87 contributions to standardization from 4GBB memebers.

At TNO a DSL seminar series, aimed at operators and other main stakeholders in the area, has been started. It has been very successful in attracting interest from the considered audience.

  • 6 White papers on DSL.